Board of Director's Spotlight
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Brandon Lang

Why did you become a transport nurse?

I became a transport nurse after being involved in an MVA and being flown via helicopter when I was 16 years old. I started off working on a ground ambulance as an EMT, and then I began working as an RN in the trauma center I was originally transported to before transitioning to critical care ground transport and then into RW/FW transport.

What is it about your job that you enjoy?

When I was flying the greatest joy I encountered was directly seeing the positive impact that I could play in people’s lives whether they were the patient and I was providing direct patient care or whether I was providing emotional support when the final outcome resulted in not transporting. Now I find myself in a role that I get to provide support to those out making direct patient contact and the proud feeling I get when I hear the positive feedback and outcome.

What was your career path that led you to transport nursing?

My MVA at age 16 directed me into the healthcare path. As an EMT I quickly evaluated the different roles in EMS and determined that nursing school would get me to the long term goal I was pursuing – a Flight Nurse.

Describe your ideal partner/ transport crew member?

 I have encountered the benefit of having a couple of ideal partners over the years, these were individuals that worked to support the big picture, left any egos at the home and came to work with a positive attitude. We had synergy in the toughest of situations to calmly manage our patients leaving those watching have the perception that we had everything under control (even if we were shaking in our boots).

What do you enjoy in your free time?

I am blessed to have an amazing wife that together we get the opportunity to raise six wonderful children. We enjoy piling in the motorhome and taking road trips or just heading to the beach when it’s warm and we enjoy snowboarding in the winter. We are engaged with our local church and look for opportunities to be involved and serve our community as a family.

Fun fact about you?

I had the opportunity to be on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer after a high profile pediatric transport we completed.

Why did you become an ASTNA member?

I wanted to be part of a professional organization and support the transport industry.

Can you share a time when you felt especially proud to work as a transport nurse?

Any time you are busy with a critical patient that you can see a direct and immediate, positive impact that  you know you are changing the patients outcome for the good it gives you a proud feeling.

Do you have a patient / transport that you feel changed/impacted how you care for your patients today? Can you relay that story?

Over the years I found that this industry and what we are exposed to can cause us to become callused to what we are doing and that we can forget that we have the privilege to help someone’s wife, mother, daughter, child etc. and that we are taking care of people with feelings and emotions, that are scared and just want to be respected and talked to and told that you will take the very best of care. Everyone once and a while that reality would be triggered by a certain patient that reminded me of my family and bring me back to my core and why I am doing the job, that was always a good reminder to get me centered again.

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