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Tamera McLemore


Why did you become a transport nurse? As a 28 year ED nurse I had reached a point in my career where I wanted more and to challenge myself. At age 51 I applied as a flight nurse and have had the best three years of my life!

What is it about your job that you enjoy? I love the peer to peer interaction with base training, skills and continuing that flow into the ED that we service. Patient advocacy is so important and at that crucial moment they are in need I love being there for my patients.

How did you become a transport nurse? I was challenged to apply, while having some health issues, I lost 79 lbs and applied for and was hired.  Best health change and stress change ever!

What do you enjoy in your free time?  I have a small farm with dogs, goats, chickens and heritage breed hogs.  Farm life is and has always been my stress reliever. 

Fun fact about you? I love to bow hunt, gun hunt and fish…my husband won't compete against me….lol.

Why did you become an ASTNA member?  Keeping current in flight medical services and safety is foremost, and the ASTNA provides a wide array of information as well as scientific data. 

Can you share a time when you felt especially proud to work as a transport nurse?  Any time I fly I feel especially proud, to fly and do that walk around and feel the air beneath the rotor is always a new feeling and never gets old…flying our veterans is a thrill for me and be able to return something for them.

Describe the ideal partner/flight crew member. Someone who will question/consider  my opinion and be professional as well as calm to provide care as a team member

Do you have a patient / transport that you feel changed/impacted how you care for your patients today? Can you relay that story?  Taking care of a motorcycle trauma victim that had multi-trauma injuries and making that decision to ground pound 12 minutes the patient with the ambulance crew instead of flying the patient directly to the trauma facility 45 min away. The patient outcome was not good, but the lessons learned and the teamwork shared gave me the ground crew confidence as well as problem solving since I was not originally an EMT.

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