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STAT Medevac


Describe your program: (RW/FW/Ground) STAT Medevac is primarily a Rotor Wing organization that also offers Pennsylvania Department of EMS certified Critical Care Ground Transportation units.

What types of vehicles does your program utilize? Our rotor wing operations are dual engine aircraft,  primarily EC135s, with select bases utilizing EC145s.

What is the history of your program? Starting out as CJ Systems serving the greater Pittsburgh area, it has evolved into the largest single operated, single dispatched air operation in the United States, with 17 bases in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

What is your crew configuration? We fly primarily using a configuration of Pilot, Flight Paramedic, and Flight Nurse.  Our primary ground crews use the configuration of an EMT-Basic who is also certified in Critical Care transportation, a Critical Care certified Paramedic, and a Critical Care certified, Pre-Hospital certified Nurse.

What type(s) of transports does your program do? (i.e. scene vs inter-facility, PEDS, NICU, ECMO, etc.) STAT Medevac is readily available to perform all Emergency and Critical Care transportation, including scene runs and inter-facility transportation.  All of our air crews receive regular training and updates on ECMO, pediatrics, neonatal, and bariatric air transport.  We also serve as the transport organization for Children's National Medical Center in Washington D.C., and Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.

What makes your program special/ different? STAT Medevac is an industry leader in safe aviation.  We will be the first in the United States to utilize Airbus EC135T3 helicopters, which feature state-of-the-art Helionix Displays.  We have the capability of responding in most forms of weather, completing several thousand patient transport missions each month through the use of terrain avoidance systems, obstacle warning systems, Night-Vision training and regular re-certification for all pilots and medical crew, and Instrument Flight Ratings for all of our pilots.  We follow the military's standardization program, so that any crew member can interact with any other crew member in any other base and function flawlessly, due to being able to pull the same equipment from the same pouch on every piece of equipment, and using the same systematic approach to patient care. 



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