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UCAN, University of Chicago Aeromedical Network


Describe your program: (RW/FW/Ground)

 UCAN, University of Chicago Aeromedical Network is a hospital based rotor and ground transport team.


What types of vehicles does your program utilize?

 We currently have one rotor vehicle (Dauphin) which will be replaced with an EC145 in the first quarter of 2018 and one dedicated ground ambulance.


What is the history of your program?

 UCAN completed their first transport on December 13th, 1983. This year is our 34th year in operation.


What is your crew configuration?

 Routinely we are a nurse/EM resident physician team. In cases of NICU transport, our EM resident (2nd or 3rd year) will be replaced by a neonatal nurse practitioner.


What type(s) of transports does your program do? (i.e. scene vs inter-facility, PEDS, NICU, ECMO, etc.)

 20% of our transports are scene flights, 80% inter-facility. Of these transports roughly 50% come by ground ambulance and the other 50% by rotor. Our patient population consists of 50% adult (HROB, ICU, Burns, trauma, VADs, IABP, ECMO), 30% pediatric, and 20% high risk NICU transports.


What makes your program special/ different?

 I like the fact that we have the ability to do every type of transport. Being paired with an EM resident is a unique configuration when compared to the rest of the profession. While it does pose some challenges, it also allows us to work with some of the sharpest, young individuals in emergency medicine. We are always learning new things.



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